Béatrice Pauly-Laubry

Yoga for your Eyes by a Certified Bates method teacher

Yoga for the eyes according to the bates method - beatrice pauly laubry

After practicing Chinese internal exercises for a long time and then ten years of Taichi, I discovered Eye Yoga in 2012 at Tapovan, a center of Ayurveda in Paris.

Passionate about this activity that brings body and mind together, I was trained in the Bates method at the College of Vision Education (CVE) in London, where I graduated in May 2017. This allows me to develop an activity of Eye Yoga according to the Bates method in collective and individual courses.          

In addition, Teacher and Psychologist , I carry out these two activities part-time.


Thus, the practice of the Bates method is a Synthesis between my experience of Pedagogy (since the Bates method is learned), Psychology, and Body Knowledge through the gentle methods of Chinese internal exercises, Taïchi, and Eye Yoga.


I especially believe that working on our Eyesight strengthens our Insight.


Béatrice pauly laubry in New Zealand
Béatrice in New Zealand at the Eyebody retreat, Mana Center, the day of the night walk

I had the chance to complete my training in New Zealand in January 2017 with a one-week Peter Grunwald retreat in an idyllic place: Mana center. Peter has a very personal approach he has forged over time, based on the Bates method, and on exciting connections between the eyes and the rest of the body, which he calls EYEBODY. See my section: links

I have also attended traineeship and individual courses with three of the main French teachers members of "l'art de voir" ( the art of seeing) : Sonia Djaoui, Nina Hutchings, and Eva Lothar. Thanks to them for their transmissions. See my section: links, association Art de voir, teachers.

I am a member of the Bates Association for Vision Education (Bave), the International Association of Teachers of the Bates Method, and L'Art de Voir, the French Association of Teachers of the Bates Method.

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With my collegues of the College of Vision Education (CVE) during my training in London, August 2016.

 We worked seriously but without taking ourselves seriously Laughter is good for the eyes!

Gratitude: All my warmest thanks to my CVE teachers, Aileen Whiteford and Margaret Montgomery,  for their passionate teaching of the Bates method and the sharing of their great practical experience.

I would also like to thank my first eye yoga teacher at Tapovan Bernard Lisbonis, for his trust, as well as my Taichi teacher Jacques Legrée who taught me the great art of slowness.