The purpose of my work is to accompany people on the path of their visual autonomy. It's always a pleasure to see them take off on their own, or simply share with them the joy of discovering the power of their eyes !


If you want to testify about your own experience during my course, please send me a message at the end of this page.

Kate M., New Zeland, 50 years old, 12th Janury 2017 (she had presbyopia)


“To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure 2 days ago to experiance eye yoga with Beatrice.

What an eye opener(pardon the pun). I never knew I was missing out on all there is to see out there.

Thank you so much Bea for waking me up.

I found Beatrice to be very knowledgable, calming , and caring about everything in life, and our surroundings.

I absolutely recommend that people try eye yoga for improving sight and wellbeing."



Daniella B., 74 years old, Paris, 8 sessions between October 2016 and March 2017


"I came to see Béatrice for Eye Yoga because of severe retinal problems caused by a manifestation of AMD (age-related macular degenaration).
It was the entrance into the universe of vision that was no longer reduced to the eye movements as I had until then. I discovered vision as a very complex and comprehensive mechanism that unites the mind and the entire body, from the cervical to the feet.

I practise every day the exercises and the night before I fall asleep 50 swings without forgetting the Palming to rest my eyes at each time I feel the need.

My main difficulty was to set up the swinging movement.

I learned to do with the whole body. I also learned to take care of my eyes to protect them.



Geneviève D, 54 years old, 6 sessions from February to April 2017 and since collective courses


“I realized that there are times in the day when I see better than others, and that it is enough to do a few exercises, and therefore to take care of oneself daily to limit the stress during working days.

I knew I had a convergence problem, now I know that it can be corrected with the Bates method, and that reassures me since I have linked to a problem of concentration that I have since childhood. I therefore feel the need to correct this convergence.

I wear my glasses now only to work, and to read, I get out of them as often as possible, even if they are beautiful, my eyes are even more so !

I want to discover many secrets of this method, I realize that by applying good habits for my eyes, for me, I feel better, I have more Vitality or concentration and stress decreases. And then the regularity of the sessions is essential not to give up, and to persevere in the knowledge of oneself, eyes."



Nina M., 48 years old, 5 sessions between march and april 2017


 "At the first session, I learned that there was also a peripheral vision... I realized that I could see with my right eye (short-sighted and near amblyopia), and I take a delight to use it as much as possible in the street by closing my left eye."


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