Workshop in London

It started ! 1st July 2018 ...

... with 5 confident and open-minded young women. It was a real pleasure to make them discover the natural vision practise to rest, maintain and improve their eyesight. 


All my gratitude to Dalia and Nada, the managers of Maitre of Thyme for their confidence and a special thank you to Dominique for setting up the space.


Here the end photo with some sunglasses, but I have not yet introducing the Sunning ! To discover next time ...


For a first time, I focused on awereness of the eyes and visual perception, Breathing, Swinging, Palming...


You can still download the content at the end of the page.

And below, some photos of the workshop.

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The content: Yoga for the Eyes, from Eyesight to Insight

Maître of Thyme, hollistic wellness boutique,

130 Great Portland Street, London

Sunday 1st July 2018

1 session of 2h from 11 am to 1 pm


Discover your natural vision and reinforce your general wellbeing because working on your eyesight strengthens your insight ...

Yoga for the Eyes Content, London 1st July 18
Yoga for the Eyes 1st July 18 last vers
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