Yoga for the eyes training with Béatrice Pauly-Laubry

Yoga for the eyes according to the bates method - beatrice pauly laubry

I lead group workshops and individual sessions in Paris, France, and London, UK.




TAPOVAN Center, Paris

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My courses take place on Fridays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm


YOGAME association, Boulogne-Billancourt,

My courses take place on Saturdays

from 11 am to 12 am.


ESPACE 24, Charenton

My courses take place on one Saturday a month from November to June 2018






In one workshop you will learn the main principles of the Bates method and practise the fundamentals.



Yoga for the eyes: From eyesight to insight

Sunday 1st July 2018

at Maître of Thyme, Holistic Wellness Boutique, Great Portland street.

1 workshop of 2H

(see page Yoga for the eyes London)



IPSOS, Health at work week

Yoga for the Eyes company workshop

Friday 15th June, 2 workshops of 1H each (for IPSOS employees)


Boulogne-Billancourt Town Hall, senior club (for members)

Thursday 15th March 2018

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I also lead individual lessons where the work is more specialized to your needs.






A retreat will offer you a deeper understanding and practise of the method.


5 days retreat "Rest, Maintain, and Improve your vision"- Tapovan Normandie, 15 -20 July 2018

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In each class, you will integrate the basics of the Bates method: Breathing, Swinging, Palming, Shifting, Sunning, central and peripheral vision.

Then, you will discover a new activity based on the infinite variety of possibilities of the Natural Vision: convergence, binocularity, ball games, reading techniques, the art of seeing…



at the Tapovan Normandie Center, 5 days retreat 15 - 20 July  2018.


 By Beatrice Pauly-Laubry, regular teacher in Tapovan Paris, I     propose you this retreat in the splendid green and flowered field of Tapovan Normandy.

With empathic listening for everyone, I will make you discover the incredible strength of the natural vision on global well-being, all its depth and diversity, in theory and practice.

You will explore:
- The key principles of natural vision according to Dr. Bates: Relaxation and Central Vision

- The 5 main needs of eyes: Light, Rest, Movement, Memory, Imagination.

- The main activities of natural vision outside: breathing (to oxygenate the eyes); Relaxation of the neck and the shoulders; Eyelids, eyebrows, lacrimal glands; Swinging of the body in the service of the eyes; Palming (rest of the eyes); Sunning;  Night walk, its benefits for the eyes.

- Vision and Nutrition

- and, being in an Ayurveda center, you will discover the foot Massage with the kansu bowl.
Practical Tip:
The Tapovan Normandy center is located 4km from the cliffs of the Pays de Caux and 12 km from Fécamp.
Total duration = 30H, ie 3H per half day over 5 days (Arrival Sunday 15th July between 2 and 3 PM, beginning of the course Sunday at 4PM until Friday morning, lunch included. Departure Friday afternoon.
Cost of the retreat: 450 €.
Accommodation and board: 340 € based on double room - 490 € based on single room

Registration and practical information at the TAPOVAN center Paris: 01 45 77 90 59

or at Tapovan center Normandie: 02 35 29 20 21.

Yoga for the Eyes and Bates method discovery workshop

Yoga for the eyes according to the bates method - beatrice pauly laubry

Seniors club of Boulogne-Billancourt Town Hall


Thirsday 15th March 2018, 14h30-15h30

Place : Club Rose Bernard - 87 bis av. Jean-Baptiste Clément, Boulogne-Billancourt

Inscriptions : 01 55 18 63 62  (for members only)


An introduction to natural vision, from the basics of the Bates method, associated with the softness of Yoga: breathing, neck and shoulder work, gentle movements of the body in the service of the eyes, rest of the eyes, sunning.